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why donate a car?

Benefits of Donating:

  • It's hassle-free. Much easier than fixing, advertising and selling your car.
  • You will be eligible for a tax deduction.
  • Even a 'clunker' is worth something -you don't need to pay someone to tow it or give it away to a salvage yard.
  • We take care of the details - You don't have to wait all day for the tow truck.
  • Save the costs of maintaining a car you don't use or the costs of selling a car.
  • Support. Help fund asthma education and tobacco control programs. Reduce air pollution.

Why Donate a Car?

Do you have a car that you no longer want? Maybe an extra car, sitting in the driveway, beginning to rust. You no longer use it, but you still have to pay registration and insurance costs. Or you're planning on moving, and don't want to ship the car to your new home.

By donating a car, you may find it easier than going through the hassle of fixing and selling the car yourself. We will handle the details for you - it's a lot easier than placing an ad in the paper and dealing with phone calls, or haggling with a dealer. We'll arrange to pick up the car, free of charge. Since you send the title to us beforehand, you don't need to be on hand when the tow truck comes.

By donating a car, you'll be eligible for a deduction on your itemized federal return for the fair market price of your car. You should consult your tax advisor for more information.

Your donation will help provide research and education towards fighting lung disease in your community. You will support programs to help children deal with asthma. Severely asthmatic children often have trouble doing things that other children do, such as attend school during the year, or have fun at camp in the summer. Your contribution will help those children live a more normal life.

Your contribution will also help reduce youth smoking. Deaths caused from cigarette smoking are the single largest preventable cause of death in America. You will help people who want to quit smoking do so. Of course, the easiest way to quit smoking is not to start. You will help's programs to educate children not to start smoking, so they don't have to quit.
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